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Morning Disappointment

Sometimes even a beautiful photo can be a disappointment. I went to the beach reasonably early in the morning yesterday. But I discovered that by the time I was set up, I had missed the best of the morning colour. Although this image is pretty good, the colour had been much higher into the sky about 15-20 minutes earlier. This morning I was determined to catch the best of the colour so I was at the beach at the required time but the sky was not cooperating.

Cloud was covering the entire eastern horizon and the only colour available was a pretty serious grey. This morning’s photo would have looked more like this one that I captured a couple of years ago. It’s not bad, but it is a bit bland.

So for now I’ll need to make do with this image which is a merge of three exposures a couple of seconds apart.

Thanks for looking.

Happy Day After Election Day

In honour of yesterday’s important election I am offering a series of images that I captured last Monday on Thanksgiving Day. The keys that connect these images to the election are:

the kids wading in the waves – have the courage to try something outside your comfort zone

the brilliant sky – there is hope that we can see a better day

the pristine beach – perhaps this wonderful part of Canada can be left beautiful for coming generations

the lighthouse – the past can help guide us past danger but cannot be mistaken as the way to follow

I initially published this yesterday but it didn’t work out as expected so I’m doing a re-do. If it worked for you yesterday, please accept my apologies.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in our democracy yesterday.

And a couple of election anecdotes –

Also on this day I wish my father a happy birthday. Election officials come to his Care Home to allow the competent residents to cast a ballot. Although his dementia is advanced, he had the good sense to decline the opportunity to even try to qualify for a chance to vote.

And at the other end of the age spectrum, my granddaughter’s Elementary school held a mock election. She decided to vote Green because that is the only party that included School Lunches within their platform. No one should vote from habit or tradition or colour preference.

Learning About Photos

Water drops on fern fronds

I had all but written off this image until I used it as a new background image on Facebook and received some feedback from a friend. The next day, my Digital Photography School newsletter contained a processing piece on sharpening for the web with Photoshop. The combination of my friend’s feedback and the DPS article led to this post.

I decided to try out the processing suggestions using this image. It took up a sizeable portion of my early morning to experiment with the suggestions. In the end I decided on the image that I have posted here.

Comments and constructive suggestions are always welcome.

Trees and Mists

This post was originally published on my previous site but as I am rebuilding, I thought I’d start here and then gradually add previous posts.

This was my first try at creating a post with the new WordPress editor so I wasn’t sure exactly how things would turn out. As it turns out, I’m not a fan of Gutenberg as it stands so I have gone back to the classic editor for my posts for now.

I have a new feature starting at Village Gallery in Sidney, BC starting on February 1 so this series of posts will highlight some of the candidate images. The featured image comes from the south-west coast of the Island on China Beach. The ocean there is still part of the Strait of Juan de Fuca and you don’t get to the actual Pacific for another few kilometres.

China Beach is a sand beach, but many of the others along that section of coast are composed of stones and present a bit of extra exercise when you walk them.

This particular image, Beach Rock is presented for its moodiness.