The Photographic Art of Ken Foster


Happy Day After Election Day

In honour of yesterday’s important election I am offering a series of images that I captured last Monday on Thanksgiving Day. The keys that connect these images to the election are:

the kids wading in the waves – have the courage to try something outside your comfort zone

the brilliant sky – there is hope that we can see a better day

the pristine beach – perhaps this wonderful part of Canada can be left beautiful for coming generations

the lighthouse – the past can help guide us past danger but cannot be mistaken as the way to follow

I initially published this yesterday but it didn’t work out as expected so I’m doing a re-do. If it worked for you yesterday, please accept my apologies.

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated in our democracy yesterday.

And a couple of election anecdotes –

Also on this day I wish my father a happy birthday. Election officials come to his Care Home to allow the competent residents to cast a ballot. Although his dementia is advanced, he had the good sense to decline the opportunity to even try to qualify for a chance to vote.

And at the other end of the age spectrum, my granddaughter’s Elementary school held a mock election. She decided to vote Green because that is the only party that included School Lunches within their platform. No one should vote from habit or tradition or colour preference.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all, especially to those in Canada who are celebrating this weekend. And an early greeting to any Americans reading. Sorry you have to wait for turkey. I would also like to offer my best wishes to those in the centre of our continent who are struggling with the weather this weekend.

It’s funny how details are so elusive. My eye for them is usually really good, but I just noticed the numbers on the squash(es) toward the bottom of the frame as I was posting this image. Perhaps the eye sees what it wants to see. I imagine they’re related to the size of the vegetable but that’s just a guess.

In Honour of Fall

Fall is probably my favourite time of year to photograph. The colours that appear during Autumn show up at no other time.

The last time I took canvases to the Gallery, one of the staff asked me about my style. She said that all of my work is “so precise and sharp” and asked if I had ever thought of introducing a bit more softness of focus. Todays images are about that question, some more, some less sharp of focus.