Finding Beauty in the Commonplace



Dragonfly resting on flowers

One of my all time favourite images has a new home today. A print of a dragonfly at rest on some flowers sold today from the Village Gallery in Sidney, BC.

At 36 by 36 inches, the impact is quite intense so I am very happy that someone liked it as much as I do.

Some similarly impactful images in the collection are shown below.

Orange tulips and cedar wall

Looking Forward to Spring

Branch of Cherry Blossoms

It feels a bit odd this year on the Lower Island. We actually had some real winter this year and there are still remnants of the snow lying in the habitually shady areas. The daffodils in the fields nearby are only starting to be harvested. They are usually already in storage toward use during the March fundraising campaigns.

Here we are with the time change fog in our brains and a cold, grey day that’s not making anybody feel better.

In light of this situation, I thought I would brighten the day with some blossoms which in other years might already be arriving.


A cluster of blossoms