The Photographic Art of Ken Foster

Morning Disappointment

Sometimes even a beautiful photo can be a disappointment. I went to the beach reasonably early in the morning yesterday. But I discovered that by the time I was set up, I had missed the best of the morning colour. Although this image is pretty good, the colour had been much higher into the sky about 15-20 minutes earlier. This morning I was determined to catch the best of the colour so I was at the beach at the required time but the sky was not cooperating.

Cloud was covering the entire eastern horizon and the only colour available was a pretty serious grey. This morning’s photo would have looked more like this one that I captured a couple of years ago. It’s not bad, but it is a bit bland.

So for now I’ll need to make do with this image which is a merge of three exposures a couple of seconds apart.

Thanks for looking.

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