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Snow Days Update

Japanese garden

It’s not that frequent for us to have snow closures in Southern Vancouver Island. This past week there was the longest snow closure of schools ever … three days. After the snow stopped falling and parking lots and paths were cleared I went for a bit of a walk to record the largest snowfall since 1996. Meanwhile my little gallery show hasn’t had much traffic. Too many folk shovelling and too few shopping for art. The featured image and the scene below are from Butchart Gardens.

Reflective globe in snowy garden

This bridge below lives in Beacon Hill Park. By the time of this photo, the snow was starting to get a bit scrappy but was still enough to give the idea of a winter scene.

Stone bridge

Part of the purpose of this little post is to test out the newly completed installation of at SiteGround. The move has given a much quicker and more responsive version of the site, but was not without a few frustrating moments along the way.

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